Honey Dabber II Lily Edition with Quartz Tip

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  • Limited Edition Lily engravings. 
  • 5" long. 
  • Quartz tip for pure tastes. 
  • Made in America from locally sourced Northeastern American cherry wood and sealed with all-natural boiled linseed oil.

Enjoy your dabs with this limited edition Lily-engraved version of the classic Honey Dabber II, the portable, affordable dab straw that can be put away hot!

Made in Ohio from cherry wood and sealed with natural linseed oil, the Honey Dabber II is a compact and stylish dab straw with a wooden body and sheath that covers the quartz tip. Open it up, heat the tip, enjoy your dabs, and slip the sheath back on without worrying about burns!

This nectar collector is 5" long when in use and can be fully disassembled for cleaning. The included quartz tip is made from the finest materials and ensures you will get the full taste from your dabs.

Welcome spring the right way. With your favorite concentrate straw wrapped in lilies!

Honey Labs Inc.