Hourglass Bat

By: Sol Trading Corp

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Unique Glass Bat

Stand out from the crowd with this unique Hourglass Bat, which is a long, smooth glass taster pipe with interesting glass accents inside which almost looks like fuzz. The front bowl looks conical and pinches in before opening up, lending this pipe an hourglass look, though the neck runs about 3 inches long.

Hand Crafted Glass

Each of these unique bats are made by hand, and as such each is different. One pipe may be shorter than the others, and the interiors are certainly never replicated! On average these pipes are about 3.5" long.

Available in Assorted Colors

These Hourglass Bats are all clear with a fumed glass bowl, and the fuzzy design is available in a range of colors such as Green, Blue, Black, and White, some pictured above.