Houseplant Bamboo Rolling Papers + Tips - 1 1/4

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Introducing Houseplant Bamboo Rolling Papers, a collab between Seth Rogen and OCB to bring sustainable and meticulously crafted rolling papers straight to you.

Bamboo rolling papers are sustainably made from 100% bamboo fibers, creating a strong paper with a slow, even-burn and minimal paper taste so you can enjoy every session.

Houseplant Bamboo Rolling Papers are a 1 1/4-size paper, and are ultra-thin and slow burning. They are made with always-sticks acacia gum so your blunts will always be their best. These packs of "+ Tips" include 50 natural paper tips to roll up and make your blunts something special.

Every pack of Houseplant papers have 50 papers and 50 tips. Packs without tips are also available. Houseplant papers are available in Bamboo, Brown Rice, and Classic styles, so be sure to try them all! Shop our Houseplant brand page for the whole collection.

24-Piece Display Available

Wholesale customers, order 24 Houseplant Bamboo Rolling Papers with Tips to receive a display box containing all 24 packs ready to be opened and dispensed in your stores. See pictures above for examples.

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50 Papers
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Rolling Papers
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Paper Size:
1 1/4
+ Tips