Humm Dinger Vibrating Pleasure Ring

By: Hott Products Unlimited

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Experience HUGE and powerful orgasms with this small little ring! Crafted from gentle yet sturdy gel, this little ring can simply be affixed to the base of the penis and, when turned on, produces sensual yet titillating vibrations to boost you and your partner into euphoric bliss! The included batteries power 40+ minutes of prolonged vibrations, and are sure to be everything you and your partner dream of. When it's time for new batteries, the powerful vibrator housed within the gel casing can be easily slipped out and the batteries replaced for a renewed experience. Small, waterproof, and powerful- everything to turn play time into bliss time!

Key Features

  • Easy On/Off Switch
  • Satisfaction Ticklers for Her
  • Performance Knobs for Him
  • Snug & Gentle Gel Ring
  • Strong Vibrations from an Improved Motor
  • 40+ minutes of continuous run time
  • Available in Pink or Purple

12-Piece Display Box Available

Buy 12 for a full display.