710SciGlass Bullet Fab Bubbler Attachment


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A fusion between the original Badger Bullet mixed with the Fabergé egg. The updated Badger Fab by 710SciGlass is a borosilicate glass bubbler attachment that features a compact straight fab design.

Maximize your vapor experience through each inhale by diffusing the water into a free-floating cylinder as you breathe in, bursting bubbles right before the mouthpiece for pure flavor and cooling. The spill-proof design of the Badger Fab makes for the perfect on-the-go bubbler that balances performance and portability. Compatible with the Huni Pouch XL for added safety and mobility.

Each bubbler was glass-blown and handmade in the USA.

How to Use the Bullet Fab

  1. Fill the Bullet Fab with 1/5 to 1/4 of water
  2. Wipe down the Bullet Fab, dry glass connection section with paper towel
  3. Equip Huni Badger with the 14mm mouthpiece (included with Huni Badger Kit) by screwing it on
  4. Make sure O-rings are in place on the 14mm mouthpiece
  5. Now attach the Bullet Fab to the Huni Badger by simply slipping it over the 14mm mouthpiece
  6. Test and confirm the O-rings had secured the Bullet Fab to the Huni Badger
  7. Turn on the Huni Badger and enjoy!