Huni Badger Blaze Tip


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Turn your Huni Badger into a flameless lighter with the Huni Badger BlazeTip! This patented heating wand has no heavy metals and the heating circuitry is embedded within the high grade ceramic for the purest taste. Click the button 5-times to start the heating cycle and the BlazeTip will glow red within a few seconds.

Here're a few ways to use your BlazeTip.

  • Light cigars, cigarettes, and rolled botanicals
  • Replace a lighter to start a spark
  • Slowly hover it over your bowl (without touching the material) for the purest taste

There is many benefits to using the blaze tip rather than your traditional lighter:

  • Maximum Flavor
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Zero Butane Emission
  • Money Saver