Jellyfish Glass "Chiroptera Fade" Frit Chillum, Assorted Colors

By: Jellyfish Glass

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Here's your science lesson for the day: "Chiroptera" is the scientific Order which Bats belong to. Jellyfish Glass's "Chiroptera Fade" is an expertly crafted glass chillum featuring fritted, textured glass encased in a smooth exterior. The colors inside blend smoothly from one color to another, sometimes through one extra color in the center. At the end of these pipes, the bowl end, is a deep chamber to hold your favorite tobacco blends, and plenty of it to enjoy. These pipes are built with a roll-stop marble to keep them steady on any surface you lay them on.

Available in Assorted Gradient Colors

We carry a wide assortment of these Chiroptera chillums, and Jellyfish Glass does a great job of crafting a wide variety of color combinations for them. Some color gradients they could be in are Black & White, Rasta (Red, Yellow, and Green), and American (Red, White, and Blue). See the photos above for color examples.

Each order will receive one at random.