Jellyfish Glass Frosted Panda Pipe

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Simple & Clean Monochromatic Pipe

Keep things simple with this sharp pipe from American glass blowers Jellyfish Glass. The Panda glass hand pipe is made with a very simple, modern design: black, white, and a frosted neck.

At the front of the pipe is a swirl of frit white with a single black spot at the center. As the pipe comes down from the bowl it is left crystal clear before the stem becomes a thick frosted glass with a single black marble inlaid onto its design.

This pipe is 3.75" long in a spoon design with a straight stem. It has a traditional herb bowl with a carb on the left side.

Proudly Handcrafted in the USA

Jellyfish Glass has been making affordable glass pipes since the last century. Based in Arizona, their craftsmen work around the clock to produce the best pieces at the best prices. Browse Jellyfish Glass's brand page to see more of their works, and find your favorite today!