Jellyfish Pink and Gold Ribbed Hand Pipe

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Elegant Gold Metallic Stem with Pink Ribs

This dainty hand pipe is a conventional 4" long; its uncharacteristically small head gives it a slim and sleek look coupled with its rigidly straight, tubular stem, but that doesn't give it any shortcomings since its bowl is actually deeper than most. The whole pipe is straight so its bowl is level, unlike comparable pipes whose bowls tilt to accommodate their heads. The stem of this pipe has easy to grip ribs, giving it a fun tactile feel, setting it apart from other hand pipes.

This Ribbed Pink and Gold Pipe is made of white and pink glass. The white glass is covered with gold metallic foil around its stem as the pink in its striped design is pulled out and roped overtop, giving the neck its ridges, before joining the white glass at the mouthpiece again for a smooth mouth.

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