JM Enterprises 8" Glass Graphic Steamroller Pipe, Assorted Graphics

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  • 8" Long
  • 34mm (1.375") Diameter Tube
  • Deep Bowl
  • Assorted Vinyl Graphics

Enjoy your smoke the most bare-bones way with these 8" Glass Graphic Steamroller Pipes! Steamrollers are essentially a short tube with wide openings and built-in bowls. One end of the tube works as a carburetor, covered by your hand, to direct smoke straight to your mouth at the other end, resulting in strong, powerful hits.

These steamrollers feature a 34mm diameter opening, necessitating the use of either 3 fingers or the palm of your hand to correctly carb this wide pipe. More air means more smoke, so the wide openings on these pipes will direct a large amount of smoke straight into your mouth for large, strong draws.

Just below the bowl on each of these pipes is a graphic that ranges from animals, to plants, to figures. The pictures above do not reflect our current assortment. Each order will receive a pipe with one random design. If you're interested in what styles we have in stock at the moment, feel free to contact us and we can set you up with the perfect piece for you!

Other Lengths and Diameters Available

If the 34mm diameter of this pipe doesn't sound like the fun you want from your steamroller, feel free to browse our greater selection of steamroller pipes! We carry a similar Glass Graphic Steamroller in a narrower 30mm diameter, and also an even more narrow 16mm diameter, able to be covered and carbed with a single finger.