JOB 1.25 Ultra-Thin Silver Rolling Papers

By: Job

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  • Single pack of 50 1 1/4 papers. 
  • Fine rolling papers, pre-gummed. 
  • Made in France. 
  • 24-Pack Display Box available. 

Developed in France over 100 years ago, JOB continues to be at the forefront of cigarette paper for Roll-Your-Own enthusiasts.

JOB 1.25 Silver Cigarette Paper is an ultra-thin rice rolling paper similar to RAW Black papers. Being thin-pressed means no flavors get between you and your favorite herbal blends.

JOB papers are slow burning and smooth, and are each pre-gummed, so simply lick to seal your smokes.

One point two five rolling papers, conventionally called 1 1/4, are under 78mm, perfect for cigarettes or blunts and can be rolled with a 78mm rolling machine.

Papers per Pack:
24 Papers
Display Box Quantity:
24 Packs
Paper Width: