Joker Orange Slow-Burn 1 1/4 Rolling Paper

By: Joker

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  • One pack of 24 1 1/4-sized rolling papers. 
  • Joker Orange are smooth and slow-burning. 
  • Made from a blend of Hemp and Flax. 
  • 24-Pack Display Box Available

Manufactured to be the best, Joker Orange Slow-Burn 1¼ Rolling Papers did exactly that. In fact, these bad boys are perhaps one of the best-selling rolling papers in the United States! So if you’re looking for something smooth and slow-burning, then, by all means, give Joker Orange Rolling Papers a try!

Besides that, Joker Orange 1¼ Slow-Burn Rolling Papers are clean and feature no harmful chemicals or bleach! That’s right; these skins are made with 100% all-natural French Paper, a blend of hemp and flax for a clean taste. So as you can see, when it comes to quality, Joker Orange Rolling Papers easily comes in at the top of the stack!

24-Pack Display Box Available

Wholesale customers, purchase quantities of 24 to receive these papers in a closed box ready to be opened for your storefront.

Papers per Pack:
24 Papers
Display Box Quantity:
24 Packs
Paper Width: