17" Junior Hookah Set with Case (2 Hose)

By: Shishatech

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This product is available in an assortment of colors.

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Complete Hookah Set with Two Hoses

Whether you're looking for an inexpensive entrance into the hookah world or wanting to complete your personal hookah lounge, the Shisha Tech Junior Hookah is a great piece to have! The glass water bowl is sturdy and strong, and decorated with etched patterns and a diamond-cut design near its neck; the rest of the hookah is made in a traditional design with a gently curving body and comes with two hoses to share the experience with friends.

Included with the Junior Hookah

When you order a 17" Junior Hookah, you get everything you need to enjoy your favorite shisha, tobacco, or hashish. Every piece of the hookah is included inside of one matching colored storage case.

  • Silver 2 Hose Stem with Ash Tray
  • Ceramic Bowl
  • (2) 5 foot Black Light Washable Hoses
  • Colored Glass Vase
  • Downstem
  • Tongs
  • Color Matching Aluminum Case

The entire hookah can be assembled in less than a minute. Just add water and your favorite herbs and charcoal and you're ready to enjoy!

What is a Black Light hose?

Hookah hoses come in many styles, such as silicone, and old hookah hoses were even made of leather! The Junior Hookah includes flexible plastic hoses built with bands of UV-reactive material so they can glow under a black light for added effect! If you're looking for fun smoking gear for a black lit room or the next party you attend or throw, be on the lookout for hookahs like this one with black light hoses. Even better yet, these hoses are easily washable in warm, soapy water.

Available in an Assortment of Colors

Shisha Tech Junior Hookahs are available in 5 colors: Black, Blue, Red, Green, and Purple. Each colored set comes with matching colored accessories and a colored aluminum carrying case.

Each order will receive one at random, but include order notes at check out for any preference you have. Our stock fluctuates regularly and we cannot guarantee that your color preference will be available, in which case we will substitute another color at random.