Kannastor Gr8tr v2 Grinder, Matte Black

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3 Piece Grinder with Extra Enhancements

The Kannastor Gr8tr is the most versatile grinder you could ever own, and this enhanced V2 edition elevates everything, from the design and composition, to new heights.

The most amazing aspect of this grinder? The interchangeable GR8TR Plates! Only from Kannastor, the revolutionary interchangeable plates let you decide the coarseness of your grinds. The Gr8tr v2 comes with two grinding plates to choose from: a fine grinder plate, for smokes; and a medium grinder plate, perfect for vaping.

Six Pieces for this Two Chamber Grinder

This grinder will give you every penny's worth of your investment. The Gr8tr v2 features extra storage space under its top, a deep body to grind a large quantity of herbs within, and even features an extra grinding plate for varying coarseness

  • Gr8tr Storage Lid, an industry-first deep storage space inside of the top of the grinder teeth.
  • Gr8t2 v2 Grinder, featuring anti-friction & residue-repellent rings, allowing it to freely float and twist without sticking.
  • Deep Dish Grinding Chamber, allowing up to 12 inch of material to be ground at once; that results in 1 cubic inch of material!
  • Fine Grinding Plate, one of the two interchangeable Gr8tr plates which grinds herbs to a fine consistency ready for cones or cigarettes.
  • Medium Grinding Plate, the second interchangeable Gr8tr plate which allows herbs to be ground more coarsely and perfect for airflow through dry herb vapes.
  • Polished Bottom Storage Puck with Scraper to keep your herbs stored safely and allow every last crumb to be easily scraped out.

Polished Stainless Steel Body

Forget the plastic and forgo cheap aluminum. The Kannastor Gr8tr is made from premium food-grade quality stainless steel in a polished and powdered non-stick finish so there is nowhere for residue to stick or material to lose. The Kannastor Gr8tr has been engineered for the perfect grind every time, and the v2 ensures every grind comes out like it does the first time.

Modular By Design

Although the Gr8tr is your standard 3 piece, 2 chamber grinder, with space for your favorite herbs to be ground in one chamber and a second chamber to hold the freshly ground leaves, the Kannastor Gr8tr v2 grinder is completely modular with pieces that can be swapped or removed for the grinder to suit your needs. Store the spare grinder plate under the top and take the whole grinder with you wherever you go; turn it into a compact 1" storage puck to hold and transport your freshly ground herbs, confident everything will stay protected in its metal body. The choice is yours!

Switch Between Fine Grind and Coarse Grind

Pick your preference! Kannastor is the only company to offer a grinder with interchangeable grinding plates, and the Gr8tr comes with two: a fine grind for a standard consistency for smoking, and a medium grind for coarser herbs perfect for vaping. Whichever is your preference, simply unscrew one and replace it with the other any time, anywhere!

Collapse into a Compact Storage Puck

After grinding, take your herbs with you wherever you go in a slim storage container made from this grinder! Unscrew the top and the bottom pieces and screw them back together for an ultra portable herb storage solution.

Upgrade for Even More Modularity

This is one of the best grinders for herbs, there's no doubt about it. But instead of this 3 piece grinder, consider upgrading to the Kannastor Gr8tr v2 with Screen Chamber, also known as the Solid Body Gr8tr. This version adds one more chamber with an easy change fine mesh screen, another Kannastor innovation! The Solid Body Gr8tr adds another 12 inch chamber which means you can double how much material you can grind and store, and even includes a screen to sift pollen and collect it on the smooth bottom.

If you like this grinder and are on the lookout for a great grinder for weed, consider the Kannastor Gr8tr v2 Solid Body Grinder with Screen Chamber as the best grinder for kief.

Available in Matte Black

Kannastor Gr8tr v2 is available in a Matte Black finish. Each piece bears the same color and finish for a complete and cohesive look. Don't worry, black goes with anything.


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    Kannastor gr8tr

    Posted by Jason Smith on May 15, 2020

    Amazing product both grinder plates perform Impeccable, Amazing customer service look forward to spending more money with y’all. Thanks