Kannastor Gr8tr v2 Solid Body Grinder, Matte Black

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Modular Grinder for Any Application

Effortless, low friction grinding. Interchangeable grinding plates. Completely modular design.

Kannastor has developed the last grinder you will ever need. Composed of food grade hard aluminum, the GR8TR V2 is built to last a lifetime. The micro grinding teeth and low friction, residue-catching rings on the grinder combine to offer an easy, effortless grind every time, whether it's the first use or the hundredth, making this an ideal grinder for medical applications.

Best of all, the Kannastor GR8TR V2 comes with two unique grinding plates: one for a fine grind suitable for traditional rolled smokes or pipe smoking, and a medium grinder to create coarse grounds perfect for vaping. On top of that, every piece of the grinder can be taken out, moved around, and placed where you need to create the best grinder for your application.

Durable 60/61 Aluminum

Every piece of the Kannastor's GR8TR v2 is made of strong 60/61 hardened aluminum, chemically bathed and anodized for resilience and non-stick surfaces. The GR8TR can stay together after drops and hits to protect all your herbs and the grinding apparatus inside. Surfaces are smooth and rounded so nothing gets trapped, and every piece screws together smoothly.

Effortless Grinding

Kannastor brings the best innovations with them into the GR8TR v2's design. The deep grinding chamber is an innovation all its own, but the micro teeth implemented are superb in the field of grinding.

Micro Teeth and Dish Press Design: The teeth inside the GR8TR may look small, but it helps them shred evenly, quickly, and efficiently from both top and bottom. The grinding takes place in a ½" deep chamber, allowing you to both grind and press for the perfect grind every time. The micro teeth combined with the press design results in a grind that requires less torque and strength to complete.

Friction- and Residue-Less Rings: On top of the anodized aluminum for a stick-free experience, the GR8TR implements residue-resistant rings on the grinder to create an "air ride" by greatly reducing the friction created between the exterior wall of the press and the inner wall of the grinding chamber. Not only do the packets of air make for an easier grind, the rings also act as a residue collector - so that the 50th grind is just like the first and your grinder requires very little maintenance and cleaning.

Interchangeable GR8TR Plates

Grind the consistency you need! Kannastor's innovative grinder plates are the first of its kind, and the GR8TR is the first and only grinder with the ability to customize the consistency of your grounds. Whether your preference is vaping, pipe smoking, or the RYO, roll your own, lifestyle, the GR8TR has the grind you're looking for. The Kannastor GR8TR comes with two plates: a fine grinding plate for a traditional fine grind perfect for smoking in a pipe or a custom rolled smoke; and a medium grinding plate to create a larger, coarse grind for dry herb vaping.

Changing the plates is as easy as unscrewing one and replacing it with the other. When you aren't using one, you can either screw it in and store it in the top or leave it out to save ⅛".

Like all Kannastor parts, the plates are made from 60/61 hardened aluminum, then chemically bathed and anodized before finally being inspected by hand to ensure each and every plate meets rigorous standards.

Modular by Design

Make a grinder to suit you! Many pieces of the Kannastor GR8TR v2 can be removed, replaced, or reassembled to create the perfect grinder for the occasion.

  • Make a slimmer grinder by removing the sifting chamber.
  • Remove the grinding parts and the Easy Change screen to create a large, metal container to store your fresh herbs in.
  • Combine the top and bottom pieces to create a slim, 1" storage container to easily transport your fresh grind.

The possibilities are up to your needs! Another reason why Kannastor is the most versatile and advanced grinder on the market.

Innovative Easy Change Screen

Kannastor's GR8TR is the only grinder with the Easy Change Screen system! The GR8TR v2 Solid Body Grinder comes with a 60 Mesh Stainless Steel screen in its Screen Chamber which can be easily and quickly removed or changed with a few twists, just like the other components of this grinder. If you need replacements, we carry them! Stainless Steel, and Kannastor also produces a Monofilament mesh screen too. Check them out:

Available in Matte Black

Kannastor Gr8tr v2 Solid Body is available in a Matte Black finish. Each piece bears the same color and finish for a complete and cohesive look. Don't worry, black goes with anything.

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  • 5
    Kannastor Grinder

    Posted by Anonymous on Jan 20, 2019

    impressive grinder. Well made. Be careful, cut my finger on it. lol

  • 5
    Kannastor Grinder

    Posted by Anonymous on Jan 20, 2019

    impressive grinder. Well made. Be careful, cut my finger on it. lol