King Palm Blue Grape Terpene Infused Mini Rolls, 2-Pack

By: King Palm

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  • 2 Mini-sized Pumpkin Cream rolls per pack. 
  • Made of tobacco-free palm leaf.
  • Pop the Terpene Pearl to infuse your cone with Blueberry & Grape flavor.
  • 20-Piece Display Box Available. 

Enjoy the flavor fusion of blueberry and grape without flavored paper. Tobacco-free King Palm cones are rolled with a filter tip housing a small poppable pearl.

Just squeeze & pop the pearl in the tip to infuse your cone with sweet blueberries and crisp grapes for a taste you can't get enough of.

Every pack includes 2 pre-rolled Minis and a packing tool sealed with a Bodeva pack so the rolls stay perfect and ready for use anytime, never dry. Best of all, the packs can be resealed for easy transport.

King Palm Minis can hold about 1 gram of material each. If that's too much, simply clip a little off to make it the perfect size for you.

Find more flavors and sizes on our King Palm brand page.

20-Piece Display Box Available

Wholesale customers, purchase this product in quantities of 20 to receive a free display box. See pictures above for examples. Display boxes cannot be mixed-and-matched.

Step into a new world of flavor where we take Berry Terps and Grape HD and fuse them into one amazing burst. This King Palm fusion will start with strong notes of sweet blueberry and will finish with crisp grapes for a truly sensational smoke.

King Palm

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1 g
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