King Palm Mango OG Flavored Filter Tip, 2-Pack

By: King Palm

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  • 2 all-natural corn husk filter tips per pack. 
  • Squeeze & pop Mango OG flavored terpene pearl. 
  • 50-Piece Display Available. 

Add the delicious taste of mango to every joint you roll, thanks to these King Palm Mango OG Flavored Filter Tips.

Each tip has a terpene pearl inside. Just squeeze & pop the pearl to release your favorite flavor.

They say mangos, specifically their terpene myrcene, can help elevate your high. King Palm formulates every flavor with the terpenes intact, so these tips will quickly become your new favorite!

Find more flavored tips and rolls on our King Palm brand page.

50-Piece Display Available

Wholesale customers, purchase this product in multiples of 50 to receive them packed in a free display box, ready to open on your store shelf. See pictures above for examples.

Tips per Pack:
Tip Size:
7 mm
Mango OG
Display Box Quantity: