King Palm Margarita Slim Rolls, 2-Pack

By: King Palm

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Top tated King Palm Margarita Slim Rolls are customer favorites

It's always Margarita Monday with King Palm Margarita Slim Rolls, the tobacco-free and terpene-infused pre-rolled cones from King Palm. These Slim size cones hold up to 1.5 grams of flower, but can be trimmed to suit your needs. Sweet strawberry margarita terpenes will mix with your favorite blend to make every draw as sweet as the first.

Each pouch includes 2 natural palm leaf Slim Rolls rolled with a Flavor Tip. King Palm uses natural, sustainable Palm Leaf for all of their rolls and pairs them with a natural corn husk filter tip, which means these are no tobacco, no nicotine pre-rolls. For a punch of sweet and tangy Strawberry terpenes, squeeze and pop the corn husk filter tip to activate the terpene pearl and make all your hits juicy and sweet.

What Makes King Palm Margarita Slim Rolls so Good?

  • The Only Palm Leaf Cones: These pre-rolled cones are made 100% from natural palm leaf; no tobacco and no nicotine. Sustainable harvesting means an earth-friendly smoking experience
  • Slim Size holds 1.5 grams: These rolls might be called Slims, but they are not small at all. Each Slim pre-roll holds about 1.5 grams of your favorite flowers and herbs. Great for sharing, but they can be trimmed down to hold any amount you need.
  • Squeeze & Pop Terpene Pearl: Infuse your flower with an explosion of tangy Strawberry flavor by simply squeezing and popping the terpene pearl inside the King Palm Flavor Tip.

Included in Every Pack

  • 2 palm leaf Slim rolls
  • 2 Pre-installed Strawberry Margarita Flavor Tips
  • 1 Bamboo Packing Stick


Use a chunky grind, compress firmly, then squeeze and pop the filter tip to activate the terpene infused flavor.

20-Pouch Display Available

Wholesale customers, purchase King Palm Margarita Slim Rolls in multiples of 20 to receive a FREE display box. Get this new flavor in a convenient size for your stores today!

A taste of vacation with a traveler's most beloved cocktail: the Strawberry Margarita. Everyone loves the sweetness and saltiness that infamously pairs with tequila, so now experience it with a pop of your palm. Please smoke responsibly, amigos.

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Display Box Quantity:
Cones per Pack:
2 Cones
Product Line:
Leaf Cones
Product Type:
Slim Rolls
Cone Size:
Cone Capacity:
1.5 grams