King Palm Organic Pre-Rolled Mini Cones, 5 Pack

By: King Palm

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  • 5 Pack of Minis
  • Minis hold 1 Gram Each
  • Natural, Organic Palm Leaf
  • Pre-Rolled by Hand- No Need to Split Open or Lick!
  • Packaged with Boveda Humidity Control - 62% Humidity
  • 15 Pack Display Box Available

If you're looking for the best way to enjoy your smokables, something organic, sustainable, clean, and natural, look no further than King Palm's Pre-Rolled Cones! Every product from King Palm is produced by sustainably harvesting leaves from Cordia trees, each rolled by hand with a corn husk filter so the entire product is biodegradable and straight from nature.

King Palm Minis are packaged with Boveda 62% humidity control packets, perfect for regulating the humidity of palm leaf rolls and maintaining their freshness for up to a year. The Boveda packet is reusable, and perfect for maintaining humidity of most medicinal plants, so be sure to keep it after you've enjoyed all of the Rollies!

Minis are an excellent size when you're ready to relax and unwind, holding one gram of material each. King Palm Mini Cones burn slow and smooth, making it the most pleasurable gram you've ever enjoyed. Even better yet, this is a pack of 5 Minis! So whether it's 5 cones at once or 5 days worth of enjoyable smokes. grab a pack today!

15 Pack Display Box Available

Receive a FREE display box when you purchase 15 of these King Palm Mini Cone Packs! When you buy 15 of these cone packs, you will receive them all packaged inside of a box ready to be opened and distributed.

A Word from King Palm

With our mini leaf rolls, you get a product of the highest quality. Every piece has been rolled by hand, picked, and selected to ensure it meets our criteria. You get a fully cleaned product, cleansed with purified water. Once you try them out, you will put all those chemicals and toxins to rest. You are never going back to mass-produced synthetic paper wraps again.

There is no need for bigger rolls when you just need a quick way to loosen up. Most similar products will burn incredibly fast. All the synthetically produced wraps have a very high burning speed, so it’s impossible to enjoy a long smoke, relax, and unwind.

Our leaf wraps are completely different. With these mini packs, you get to enjoy a slow-burning leaf without having to add too many herbs. Get a good smoke with this 5 Mini Pack.

King Palm

Packet Size:
2 Cones
Capacity (Grams):
Display Box Size:
15 Packets