Krave 10" Freezer Glitter Ball Beaker Bong, Assorted Colors

By: Krave Glass

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Out-of-This-World Water Pipe!

  • 10" tall glass beaker bong. 
  • Freezable neck piece. 
  • Includes 4" Downstem and Bowl. 
  • Assorted colored freezer piece. 

Wow. I think the reason this bong makes such an impression is because it has so many shapes to catch your eyes: a conical beaker base, a cylindrical bowl and downstem, and a spherical neck with a coil inside!

Let's talk facts. This is one of the coolest glass pieces you could have in your collection, for looks alone! Krave brings you the Freezer Ball Beaker Bong for chilled hits and fun smoking sessions whether alone or with friends. The beaker base has two 19mm Female Joints, so you could mess around and attach the accessories in different ways, or if you had other 19mm accessories of your own you could completely customize it.

The highlight of this piece is the large colored sphere on the neck. Typical of Krave, this is a container of glycerine which can be placed in the freezer for a few minutes to chill the liquid inside. When placed back on the beaker base and ready to use, the coiled tube inside of the sphere increases the distance your smoke will travel and provide more chilled surface area to cool your smoke for the best experience. The part has a 19mm Male Joint to slide into the base.

Warning: Although the neck piece with its 19mm Male Joint will fit in either of the joints on the beaker base, the pipe is not balanced for it to be angled. To protect your piece, always place it vertically.

This pipe comes with a 4" Diffusing Downstem and a Krave-branded dry herb bowl. The downstem is a slim-looking, almost flush-fit downstem which can accept 14mm attachments, such as the included bowl! If you have other 14mm accessories for your pipes, slip them in for added awesomeness.

Available in Assorted Colors

Krave's Freezer Ball Beaker Bong is available in an assortment of colors including Teal, Slime Green, Purple, and Pink as pictured above. You can request a specific color using the "Color" option* above, or leave it as "Randomly Awesome" and we will pick a color at random for you.

*Because of the assorted nature of this product, we cannot guarantee your requested color will be in stock. Available colors are subject to change without notice.


  • Assembled Height: 10"
  • Body Accessory Joint: 19mm Female
  • Body Top Joint: 19mm Female
  • Diffusing Style: Removable, Slitted
  • Included Parts:
    • 4" Flush Fit 19mm Male to 14mm Female Downstem
    • 14mm Male Bowl
    • 19mm Male Freezer Ball Stem
Joint Size:
14mm (with Downstem)
Downstem Length:
Freezable Chamber