Leaf Round Incense Burner

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Reach New Highs

Include this incense burner to reach new highs during your incense sessions! Featuring a 7-leaflet leaf in serene green colors, this incense burner has a tiny hole for stick incense offset from the center, so if your incense stick leans a little then that's okay! But, if the hole turns out to be a little too wide for the stick you put in, you can always use a tiny stick, such as one broken off from the handle of the incense, to act as a jig and keep the stick upright.

This burner plate may have a hole for stick incense, but that doesn't mean you can't use cone incense as well! This burner has a hearty 5" diameter and walls that stand at least a half inch tall to keep all ashes well contained.

You'll need to outfit your new burner with incense, and you can grab that from us too for a deliciously low price! We carry many brands of incense, including American-made Wild Berry Incense, hand-crafted in Ohio.