Lookah 13" Third Eye Heady Glass Bong

By: Lookah Glass

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  • 13" tall glass bong. 
  • Heady hand blown glass filled with skull and eye accents. 
  • 2 showerhead percs. 
  • Stemless, banger hanger-style body. 
  • Includes unique matching 14mm dry herb bowl. 

Open your mind and expand your horizons, and your bong collection, with this hand made piece of art, the Lookah 13" Third Eye Heady Glass Bong.

We don't throw around the term "Heady" here at Waterbeds 'n' Stuff, so for us to call this Heady doesn't come lightly. The internal elements, the skulls and eyeballs, are all hand blown and sculpted before being encased in the bong. Even the bowl is a unique, hand crafted piece of art.

This bong stands 13" tall and has 2 showerhead percs inside for ultimate filtration, both decorated with skulls. It has a stemless, banger hanger design so there is no downstem to fumble with.

Vibrant, explosive colors with a glossy finish help the details of this piece pop. Whether it's on your shelf or in your hands, the Third Eye Heady Bong from Lookah Glass is cream of the crop!

The third eye heady glass bong is a beautifully crafted piece from Lookah's Original Design Glass range. Its vibrant handblown glass colors and attention to detail make for an eye-popping work of art.

The lower perc is decorated with detailed little skulls that give way to a small chamber. Once into the second chamber, a stunning disc perc is the focus of attention with the ominous three eyes peering out at you eerily.

Color-coordinated accents to the base, bowl joint, and mouthpiece finish this 13-inch bong and tie the elements together. If you want an artistic heady glass bong, you can't go wrong with this Lookah glass water pipe.

Lookah Glass

Body Shape:
Banger Hanger
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