Magnetic 510-Thread Connector, Large

By: Airistech
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Quick Cartridge Changer for Compatible Vapes

It's time to stop constantly screwing your cartridges into your vapes! If you have a compatible magnetic vaporizer, use these magnetic adapters to quickly swap your cartridges in and out without having to re-thread anything!

This Large Magnetic Connector will prop your shorter vape cartridges up more than a half inch, whether to appropriately meet the vape's window or get the mouthpiece comfortably outside of the vape body.

These Magnetic Connectors are more replacement parts than an upgrade; If you have a magnet-connection vape (see examples below), this adapter will work for you. These adapters will not work with a traditional 510-threaded vape battery.

Small Connector Available

This large connector will prop your vape cartridge up an additional 5/8 inch inside of your vape battery. If you don't need all that extra height, we also carry a 1/8 inch tall Small Magnetic Connector for a thin ring to prop your vape cartridge upon. We will always have exactly what you need!

Compatible Products

This magnetic connector features industry-standard 510 threading, allowing it to work with nearly all vape cartridges or tanks on the market today! The magnetic connection, though, is a little more specialized. Check out this list for an example of some magnetic vapes, or search our store for more:

For more, search our site for "Magnetic Vape" to find more Magnetic Cartridge Vapes!

*Vape Cartridge not included.