Massage Love Rollerball Massage Glove

By: Little Genie

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Get ready for a great massage experience with Massage Love! This wearable massage sheath for your hand makes massage easy for the giver and ecstasy for the receiver.

With 9 roller-balls that rotate 360°, an adjustable-fit strap that secures to the back of your hand, and is ambidexterous, this massage tool will give a relaxing and soothing rub-down with hardly any effort. Use on any part of your body: back, hands, feet, neck, legs, shoulders, hips, etc... This glove can massage them all!

Massage Love is a whole-body massage tool that is suitable for any part of the body to relieve stress, eases tightness in tired legs and arms, and rubs pain out of cramped muscles.

Very soothing and relaxing, easy to use, clean, and store. Make Massage Love part of your everyday.

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