Medicali 14mm Male Ashcatcher Attachment with Matrix Perc

By: Medicali

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Crafted in Southern California, USA, Medicali brings only the best glass to market. This Ashcatcher features 14mm joints and an in-line Matrix perc to filter smoke and stop ash from falling into your rig and through to your mouth. Keep ash out of your tube with the best glass on the market from the innovative leaders at Medicali!

Matrix Percolator

With multiple tiers of thin slits, this Ashcatcher features a Matrix Perc directly downstem from its input joint which will filter your smoke before it enters your tube. If you're interested in an alternate style, we also carry a Showerhead Perc version for purchase, which features a round bubble with 10 slits through which smoke will be filtered.

14mm Joints

This pipe attachment features 14mm joints: at the side, angled at 45 degrees, is a Male joint which can be inserted into your favorite tube that has a 14mm female joint (and is hopefully angled at 45 degrees as well!); at the top of this ash catcher is another 14mm joint, but this one is a Female, ready to receive your favorite 14mm male bowls or other attachments. In a way, this attachment is merely an extension of your pipe, featuring the same joint size and gender as the one that it goes into.

Assorted Colors and Designs

These Medicali 14mm Male Ashcatcher Attachments with Matrix Perc feature an assortment of designs and color patterns.