Medicali 10" Dexter Rig

By: Medicali

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  • 10" Height
  • Unique Showerhead Perc
  • Drip Catch
  • 14mm Female Joint
  • Includes Matching Banger

Nothing but the best from Medicali! Medicate yourself in style with this beautiful 10" tall beaker dab rig, dubbed the "Dexter Rig."

This piece features conical triangle designs, starting with the beaker body. Inside is a special showerhead percolator, engineered to get the most flavor from your waxes and dabs. The cone shape encourages air to be pulled down instead of pooling and stagnating at the top.

Contrasting these cones is an inverted Drip Catch underneath the joint, ready to catch any unused waxes that flow through the banger. Once they are caught here, where they won't flow out into your pipe and jam it up, the bottom of the Drip Catch can then be heated directly to vaporize the waxes and not let any material go to waste.

The Dexter is a high quality, artistic medicinal instrument made from scientific borosilicate glass. Grab one today for the best dabbing experience.


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