Medicali Glass 6" Steamroller

By: Medicali

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Designed in Southern California, USA, by Medicali, these Glass Steamrollers may look traditional but are designed with precision and quality in mind. Featuring an impacted bowl instead of one that stands out of the tube, these steamrollers are streamlined and compact, more closely resembling a tube than most other traditional steamrollers.

At the bottom of the pipe, below the bowl, is a fused glass foot to help the pipe stand upright when set down without rolling away. The two half-inch openings at the front and back, the mouthpiece and carb, are each highlighted with a color, matching the color of the fused glass foot, to complement the design style on the top of the steamroller. Many designs are available, try to collect them all!

Assorted Colors and Designs

These Medicali Glass Steamrollers are available in an assortment of colors and design styles, some pictured above. Logo font, color, and accent color all vary between pipes.