Medicali Glass Spoon Pipe

By: Medicali

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Straight out of Southern California, USA, these glass hand pipes come from the craftsmen at Medicali, who lead the way in scientific glass. Fusing function and power, you know you're getting quality with these Medicali Glass Spoon Pipes.

These pipes feature a traditional design with several notable improvements: the bottom of the spoon is perfectly flat, allowing them to rest easily when set down and not disturb any material inside of the bowl; the bowl is slightly tilted to stop unwanted ash from flowing inside and disturbing your sessions; finally, the neck of the spoon is bubbled just right to rest easy in your hand, resulting in an ergonomic fit.

The carb on the left side of the bowl is adorned with colored glass to match the designs on the pipe, which feature a wide and rich variety of colors and styles from a simple font to cursive, a Rastafarian-themed color mix or gold foil; a wide variety await addition to your collection!

Assorted Colors and Designs

These Medicali Glass Spoon Pipes are available in a wide assortment of colors and designs, some pictured above.