Medicali Small Hammer Bubbler

By: Medicali

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  • 4" long held
  • Thick, Strong Glass Construction
  • Assorted Decal Styles & Colors Available
  • Made in America

When you're ready for a relaxing, hand-held water-cooled smoking experience, reach for a Medicali Small Hammer Bubbler.

With a body that can easily rest upright when set down yet is comfortable to hold and enjoy, a Medicali bubbler is the easiest and most enjoyable way to smoke dry herbs in the palm of your hand.

The bowl moves smoke directly into the water chamber, percolating it gently through its fixed diffusing downstem, where it quickly moves through the elongated neck to reach your lips.

This small bubbler is about 4" long when held in the hand. If you're looking for something larger, consider the Medicali Large Hammer Bubbler which we have as well!

Available in Assorted Colors

Medicali pieces are made in a variety of colors and text styles, printed directly onto the glass of the body and accessories. Pictured above is Medicali's Green color with Block Lettering text, but other available colors include Red, Gold, White, and many more, and an alternate Cursive Script text as well.

Each order will receive one at random. If you're interested in what colors we have available for you to select the perfect piece, feel free to Contact Us and we will help you get the right piece for your collection.

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Hand crafted in California, USA, Medicali is a glass collector's dream come true. Because their pieces are individually produced by hand, supplies can be limited. However, we keep a wide variety of pieces on hand to suit any collector's needs!