Melody of the Night Poster


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  • Dimensions (Width x Height): 36" x 24"
  • Full Color Print on High Quality Poster Paper
  • Artwork by Leonid Afremov

Strong, vibrant colors make this poster the focal point of any room its hung in.

Melody of the Night by Leonid Afremov isn't a classic in the traditional sense, it was made around 2015; but this hasn't stopped it from becoming an iconic work of art. Painted with strong swatches from a palette knife, the artwork explodes with color which comes across in this poster.

This horizontal poster is 36" wide and 24" tall, perfect for any room in the house.

A brightly lit, but delicately colored, romantic evening is set against the subtle backdrop of the evening's harmonies and accompaniment. The "Melody Of The Night" creates a mood of intimacy, interrupted only by the slight sounds of nature and city as heard by an attentive pup. Through this piece, warmth and serenity will grace your bedroom or den, offering a quiet reprieve from the bustle of the day.