Melted Ice Cream Cone Silicone Bong, Assorted Colors

By: SoCal Arch

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  • 5.5" tall silicone bong. 
  • Summer themed water pipe looks like a dropped ice cream cone. 
  • Easy to disassemble and clean. 
  • Includes 14mm dry herb bowl. 
  • Available in assorted colors. 

If you want a bong that can beat the heat, you'll want this funny Melted Ice Cream Cone Silicone Bong!

Unlike the ice cream its modeled after, this bong won't melt under some heat. It can stand temperatures up to 500deg! And it won't splatter if it's dropped: silicone can be dropped, thrown, and even run over without any damage. So don't be afraid to toss this bong around at the table, it can take it!

The cone comes off from the ice cream base to make cleaning easy. And coming in from the 14mm joint is a diffusing downstem to make every puff as enjoyable as a scoop of ice cream on a hot summer's day.

These Silicone Ice Cream Bongs are available in assorted colors. The pictures above do not reflect our current assortment. Each order will receive a random color.

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