Men's Dress Socks: Leaf Design, Assorted Colors

By: Yelete

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Do you want to add a fun twist to your ordinary attire? Would you want to walk into work with these socks on, knowing your long slacks will keep them covered? That is, until Janice down the hall asks you to reach the files up on the top shelf, so you reach up and Larry, that brown-noser who's up for promotion, happens to notice your socks aren't within the dress code! Do you like living dangerously?

You don't have to be risky. Be proud! Have fun, like these socks! Available in assorted colors, these socks feature a tiled leaf pattern along their body, with a colored heel, toe, and top. Order a pair today and relax in comfort in your own home- or at work!

One size fits most: these socks are a size 10-13 Men's.