Mini Metal Pocket Torch

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Pocket Torch Full of Power

If you're tired of your lighters flickering and waning or being blown out by the smallest puff or breeze then upgrade to a torch! Powered by butane, the flame from a torch won't extinguish in any wind and will stay burning straight and strong. This pocket torch is shaped like its larger cousins with a bent neck and a click button at the back to operate. The front is safely covered with a removable protective shield to stop accidental firing. At the bottom of the torch is a port to refill the lighter with your favorite butane, and on the front of the torch is a lever to adjust the power and strength of the flame.

Adjustable Flame

At the front of the torch, just under the neck, is a little lever which will adjust the flow of gas and the strength & power of the resulting flame. Simply give it a flip to turn your flame from low and slow to long and strong!

Refillable Design

On the bottom of the body is a port that will accept most butane tanks. Simply connect your tank to the body of the torch and fill it up to keep it going!

Don't forget to grab some butane!

Available in Assorted Colors

Available in Black, Silver, Gold, and Blue. We will pick a random color for you but if you specify what color torch you would like we will do our best to fulfill your request.

Display Cases of 20 Available

Ordering 20 of these torches will get you a display case containing 5 each of Black, Silver, and Gold torches as well as 10 Blue torches.

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