Cache Mini Bong with Storage

Current Stock:

  • 7" Tall
  • 10mm connection
  • Flower Bowl Included
  • Ice Catch
  • Fixed Inner Jar

MJ Arsenal has become famous for their Mini Rigs, a collection of power-packed glass that stands little over 5" tall. However, sometimes you need something that's not like the rest, and that lead to this innovation: the first Mini Bong, the MJ Arsenal Cache!

Inspired by a several-hundred-year-old Southeast Asian pipe, this unique Mini Bong has both an inline downstem and built-in stash jar! Grind it, store it, pour it, and enjoy. The system used by the Cache mini bong is built to make your life as smooth as possible by offering a unique storage jar affixed to the beaker basin of this water pipe. Use the included cork to cap off your stash until you're ready to refill your bowl for another round!

Keep your flower dry, fresh, and always by your side with our new Cache mini glass bong.

Why use a Mini Bong?

The ideal smoking or vaping vessel has as little air space as possible. Terpenes, the flavor component of all herbs and flowers in the world, degrade when they come into contact with air. A smaller pipe means less air and more flavor. Notes of berry, pine, citrus, and more; all of these familiar tastes are made of terpenes, and letting your terpenes go to waste is like letting half of your flower go to waste! Enjoy all of your terpenes and elevate the ordinary with MJ Arsenal.

Included with the MJA Cache Mini Bong

  • 1x Cache Mini Bong with built-in stash jar
  • 1x Flower bowl
  • 1x Cork
  • 1x Reusable box with custom cut foam