MJ Arsenal Infinity Mini Rig

By: MJ Arsenal

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  • 5.5" Tall
  • 10mm Connection
  • Double Uptake Recycler
  • Fab-Egg Functioning Lower Section

It began as an experimental, in-house concept, but quickly became one of MJ Arsenal's favorite creations to date. The Infinity by MJ Arsenal is a wonderful example of the Yin and Yang principle which highlights certain rare combinations in nature that, when combined, equal far more than their individual parts. Combining the classical fab-egg style percolation (like the Royale) with the more rhythmic cycloning filtration of a double uptake recycler (like the Claude), all culminating for nothing short of an extraordinary consumption experience.

What is a Faberge Egg?

Certainly one of the most unique designs in glass, and definitely fun to look at and experience, a faberge egg piece gives an extra flair of sophistication. Named after the priceless royal jewels made over 100 years ago, a faberge egg water pipe brings a new percolating experience.

A fab-egg design is essentially a sphere split into two hemispheres with empty space between them and connected by only a few tunnels. What this allows for is, when the smoke is first percolated in the bottom chamber, the resulting bubbles get brought up and through, giving the bubbles more space to grow and have more surface area. What does this mean for you? Large bubbles, where the surface water is smoke-infused while its center is clean, cool air, allows your vapor to cool lightning fast, resulting in clean, smooth hits every time.

Pair that with the Double Uptake Recycler function of this pipe and that brings you twice the cooled smoke for twice the enjoyment.

Base Connected Perc

Mini Rig means condensed space! Straight down the fixed downstem on this rig is a miniature diffuser built into the base with 4 holes to lightly mix your vapor with the awaiting water. Some dabbers say less percolation is better, foregoing exhaustive percolators for a more minimalistic approach, and you can't get more minimal than a mini rig!

Best of all on these mini rigs, dipping down below the downstem is a drip catch to catch any drops of wax and concentrate that happen to not get vaporized! Here they'll sit and be ready to be re-ignited just like you would with a banger, to ensure that every drop gets used to the max.

Why Use a Mini Rig?

When it comes to getting the full taste from your dabs, air is not your friend. If you've gotten used to dabbing on large, full-sized and complex rigs in the past, the experience you will get from a mini rig will be leaps and bounds different. This is because terpenes, the taste and flavor behind waxes, begin to degrade when they come into contact with air. So larger rigs actually give you less flavor than you probably expect- and you've never even known!

That's why MJ Arsenal has pioneered a large collection of mini rigs, each more unique than the last but all built to exemplify one simple principle:

Less Air = More Flavor.

A smaller rig means less air, and less air means more intense flavors. Don't fool yourself into thinking these are simply cute, compact, travel-ready rigs. They are, no doubt, but they are also some of the best ways to experience the true taste of your materials!

The Infinity is a one-two punch of this principle: despite only using a small amount of water, all of its chambers will quickly fill to leave you with little else than the full effect of your waxes, dabs, herbs, or anything else you put through it.

Included with your Purchase

  • 1x Infinity Mini Rig
  • 1x 10mm Quartz Bucket Banger

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Based in Denver, Colorado, MJ Arsenal offers the world high-quality American-made glass in forms never seen before. Beginning with bringing the world the original Blunt Bubbler, The Martian, MJA has developed an extensive collection of mini rigs and mini bongs, all designed to maximize flavor and terpenes.

Shop MJ Arsenal's brand page for their complete line of products and to learn more about them.

Elevate the ordinary with MJA!

Compatible & Replacement Parts

Make your Mini Rig your own and keep it in tip-top shape with these accessories! Whether you want to expand its use or replace a part, Waterbeds 'n' Stuff has you covered.

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Faberge Egg
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  • 5

    Posted by C on Mar 08, 2020

    This rig is perfect.

  • 5

    Posted by C on Mar 08, 2020

    This rig is perfect.