King Toke Glass Bubbler

By: MJ Arsenal

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The Martian paved the way for the blunt bubbler category. Now the team at MJ Arsenal is able to take the bluntstorming to the next level with the newest blunt bubbler offering: The King Toke.

This one is a throw back to Giza and the desire to empower all smokers to be their own blunt Pharaohs. Long live the King!

The pharaohs of old may have built huge structures to proclaim their power, but you can have more power than all of them in this tiny 2" tall powerhouse! Just place your favorite rolled smoke into the opening and add a little bit of water. The unique double slit stem gives your draws maximum filtration in minimal space. There's even a carb on the front to get the perfect hits every time.

Fits most rolled products. Features MJ Arsenal's logo on the side and distinct icon on the bottom.

12-Piece Retail Display Available

Get a FREE display box when you purchase 12 of these King Toke bubblers. Perfect for shops of all sizes for your counter or window. Grab a display for free by purchasing 12 King Tokes.