MJ Arsenal Limited Edition Bella Mini Rig

By: MJ Arsenal

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  • 7" glass recycler mini rig. 
  • Double uptake heart recycler. 
  • Heart-shaped splash guard. 
  • Full color borosilicate glass. 
  • Handcrafted with love. 

This Valentine's day, treat yo' self! (Or someone you love.) The limited edition Bella Mini Rig from MJ Arsenal is a beautiful piece that can perfectly capture your feelings!

Made in limited quantities for the Valentine's Day 2022 collection, this mini rig is easily the most beautiful in our collection. This full color borosilicate glass rig is pink and purple and features three handmade and functional hearts. Not only is this a mini rig, but also a recycler with double uptake. Topping this borosilicate recycler, where its splash guard connects to the angled mouthpiece, is a beautiful glass heart, staking atop the heart-shaped recycler chamber and the heart-shaped body. 

Treat the love of your life to something truly special: the limited edition Bella Mini Rig.

Welcome to the 2022 MJA Valentine's Day Limited Edition Drop! Introducing the Locket Water Pipe. Crafted with love, intended to simply sweep you and your loved one off your feet!

Featuring no two but three handmade borosilicate, full color hearts, this little beauty is not to be taken lightly! We made our three hearts not only beautiful, but fully functional. You will surely be smitten with the spirally swirl in the second heart. This recycler is without a doubt affectionately crafted to perfection.

When it comes to winning Valentine's Day, treating yourself, or hooking up a friend, MJA has your back for all of your gift giving needs. Sacrifice nothing and elevate the ordinary holiday with MJA!

MJ Arsenal

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Valentine's Day 2022