MJ Arsenal Limited Edition Locket Water Pipe

By: MJ Arsenal

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  • 6.5" glass water pipe. 
  • Double sphere perc with enclosed heart. 
  • Tapered mouthpiece. 
  • Clear glass with pink accents. 
  • Handcrafted with love. 

Show yourself some love with this limited edition Locket Water Pipe from MJ Arsenal.

Made in limited quantities for the Valentine's Day 2022 collection, this water pipe is one of the most beautiful in our collection. Its round body features a double sphere perc with a heart inside as the central percolator. Pink borosilicate highlights and the included pink glass dry herb bowl make this water pipe truly stand out against its otherwise crystal clear body. Finally, the Locket Water Pipe has a unique tapered mouthpiece which looks much more delicate than the bulky mouthpieces found on other bongs.

Treat the love of your life to something truly special: the limited edition Locket Water Pipe.

Welcome to the 2022 MJA Valentine's Day Limited Edition Drop! Introducing the Locket Water Pipe. Crafted with love, intended to simply sweep you and your loved one off your feet!

Like a precious heirloom, but functional! This inner heart percolator is handmade with full color borosilicate glass and is encased in a sphere for protection, function, and cleanliness.

When it comes to winning Valentine's Day, treating yourself, or hooking up a friend, MJA has your back for all of your gift giving needs. Sacrifice nothing and elevate the ordinary holiday with MJA!

MJ Arsenal

Body Shape:
Perc Style:
Double Sphere
Joint Size:
Valentine's Day 2022