MJ Arsenal Orbital Series Apollo Mini Dab Rig

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Borosilicate Glass
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Double Ball
Bent Neck
Drip Catch

  • 6" tall glass dab rig. 
  • Part of the MJ Arsenal Orbital Series. 
  • Unique shape pays homage to the Apollo moon missions. 
  • Double ball and base-connected Puck perc for cooled, concentrated hits. 
  • Includes large 10mm banger. 

Bring some out-of-this-world style to your glass collection with the MJ Arsenal Orbital Series Apollo Mini Dab Rig.

With a design that looks like a launching rocket, the body of this mini dab rig is an homage to the space program that took mankind to the moon. Its beaker shape ensures smooth percolation, and its double ball chamber acts as a cooling chamber for the incoming smoke without using ice.

Why use a mini rig? The flavor in your herbs, known as terpenes, degrade when they come into contact with air. A smaller pipe means less air and more flavor, keeping terpenes compacted and ripe for enjoying with every toke.

Please welcome Apollo to the MJA family! Not only is this aptly named after the Greek God of medicine, it also is an homage to the first manned mission to the Moon! Inspired by shapes often found in celestial travel, this double ball, puck perc rig will send you to the stratosphere and back.

The terps are sure to be out of this world! We will see you in orbit!

MJ Arsenal