Rigloo Limited Edition Mini Rig

By: MJ Arsenal

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  • Limited Edition Holiday 2021 mini rig!
  • 6" tall glass mini rig. 
  • Base-connected igloo perc. 
  • Double uptake Klein recycler. 
  • Snowglobe splash guard with UV-reactive Luna frit from Northstar Glass. 
  • Light blue accents. 
  • Includes 10mm large bucket banger.

Every hit will be as cool as ice with this awesome limited edition Rigloo Mini Rig from MJ Arsenal's Holiday 2021 collection.

Similar to the Mini Jig Mini Rig, the Rigloo Mini Rig has a large spherical lower chamber and a dual-uptake Klein recycler chamber at its top. But that's where the similarities end!

The Rigloo has a miniature igloo percolator connected to its base, and the connections throughout the Rigloo Mini Rig are accented in light blue colors. To top it all off is a snow globe splash guard featuring a star made from UV-reactive Luna Blu-V glass, lighting the way to this awesome mini rig.

We only have a small number of MJ Arsenal's Limited Edition Holiday 2021 glass pieces, so grab your Rigloo today! Whether its a gift for your best buddy or yourself, the Rigloo will make a smoker's holiday something special. Each Rigloo comes in a collector's box with one side decorated like a present complete with a gift tag for signing!

In the spirit of keeping our hearts warm and our vapor as cold and smooth as possible, enter the Rigloo limited edition mini dab rig by MJ Arsenal.
Celebrate this holiday season like never before with the most functional and fun mini dab rig the North Pole has ever seen.

Powered by the hardworking base-connected "igloo perc", this baddie will be clog resistant, providing only the smoothest vapors from its "icy" core. What are our Inuit homies cooking up?!

Sacrifice nothing and elevate the ordinary holiday experience with Limited Edition MJ Arsenal.

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