Snowperson Limited Edition Cone Bubbler

By: MJ Arsenal

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  • Limited Edition 2021 Holiday collection piece!
  • 4" tall glass cone bubbler. 
  • One-Size-Fits Most Rolled Product connection joint. 
  • Base-Connected Snowperson Perc. 

Bring the holidays to life with this Snowperson Cone Bubbler, a part of MJ Arsenal's 2021 Holiday collection!

This cute glass blunt bubbler is 4" tall and made with frosted glass for a snowy feel, except for one small window through which you can see a miniature snowman perc inside. At the top of his stovepipe hat is the mouthpiece, and its frosted connection joint can hold most rolled products.

These limited edition cone bubblers are in short supply, so give a memorable gift this holiday season with the MJ Arsenal Snowperson Cone Bubbler! It even comes in a special holiday collector's box complete with a gift tag for signing.

Smooth your smoke like never before by way of this year's 2021 Holiday drop! What's better than one snowperson? TWO! The second of which you will find in full color, nestled in the cone bubbler chamber.

We didn't stop there! We decided to make our little friend "inside" the functional, base-connected perc as well! Enjoy both form and function in this year's frosted cone bubbler release.

Sacrifice nothing and always elevate the ordinary holiday experience with MJ Arsenal. Happy Holidays!

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