10.5" Multi Perc Straight Tube Bong

By: Downtown Hookah Connection

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  • 10.5" Tall
  • Unique Multi-Chamber Design
  • Stacked Showerhead & Tree Percolators
  • Fixed Downstem for Direct Smoke Injection
  • Includes Matching 14mm Bowl
  • Available in Assorted Colors

It doesn't come much cooler than this. The 10.5" Multi Perc Straight Tube Bong is slim and compact, but offers two unique percolators with an ice pinch to finish things off, all starting from a fixed, upright downstem.

The fixed downstem injects smoke directly into the bottom water chamber, where it will be drawn up to the second level, where a stacked group of showerhead percs gently bubble and prepare smoke to rise up to the next chamber, where a six-arm tree perc diffuses smoke through one final chamber of water for ultimate purification. In the final stretch, an ice pinch allows every draw to be chilled just right for the most flavorful, clean toking.

This water pipe features a very cool and sleek multi-chamber design of cylinders which grow and shrink, giving it a very beautiful profile. The glass is crystal clear with colored accents on the percolators within and mouthpiece at its top.

Its body is a slim 1.75" at widest, making this one of the most compact multi-perc water pipes in our collection. Add it to your own collection today!

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