My Weigh 440-Z Digital Mini Scale

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The My Weigh 440-Z digital mini scales pack huge performance in a small package. The design is truly unique, but form follows function. Notice the oversized easy to press rubber keys. The 440-Z reads in Grams, Ounces, Troy Ounces and Pennyweight. It has a large 400/440gram capacity and reads in precise 0.1gram increments. The scale offers digital auto calibration, temperature compensation and a unique cover that doubles as a large expansion tray/cup. Some models feature a bright LED back-light.

The 440-Z offers auto-calibration, temperature compensation, and a protective cover that doubles as an expansion tray. As well, the 4PPS (Four-Point Protection System) which helps protect against accidental overload & Dual-Chip Technology for accuracy & performance; as well, it’s constructed of an advanced polymer material that prevents chipping and scratching & has two-key simple operation.