NoGoo Silicone GooCatcher Reclaimer, Assorted

By:  NoGoo
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Multi-Use Silicone Reclaimer and Storage Jar

  • Fits 14mm and 19mm Pipes
  • Features a 14mm AND 19mm joint for your favorite bowls or bangers!
  • Leftover Dab Wax Collects in Easy-to-Use Silicone Jar

NoGoo has done it again with an amazing new silicone creation: the GooCatcher! Made from Platinum-cured Silicone, this 100% non-toxic and non-stick silicone Ash Catcher & Reclaimer is a multiple use piece. Stick a bowl in it and use it as an ash catcher, or stick a banger in and use it as an all-in-one reclaimer & stash jar! The bottom of this piece screws off for easy cleaning and easy reclaiming.

It features a dual 14mm & 19mm male joint to connect to your favorite water pipe, as well as a 14mm & 19mm female joint to accept your favorite bangers and bowls. This is the perfect accessory between your herbs or waxes and your water pipe!

Available in Assorted Colors

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We carry these GooCatcher Reclaimers in RastaBlue Marble, and Glow-in-the-Dark Green! Similar to other NoGoo and other brand's colors, these will complement your collection perfectly.


  • Material: Silicone
  • Output Joint: 14mm & 19mm Male, 90 degree
  • Input Joint: 14mm & 19mm Female
  • Colors: Rasta (Red, Yellow, Green), Blue Swirl, Green Glow
  • Features: Removable Silicone Reclaim Bowl