NoGoo Silicone Squeeze/Twist Top Container

By:  NoGoo
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  • Easy Open, Secure Container
  • Platinum Cured Silicone
  • Non-Stick, Unbreakable, and Dishwasher Safe

Are you frustrated with silicone containers that seem to close well, but when you travel somewhere you discover they've opened and all of their contents have spilled? Worry no more: NoGoo has created an innovative new silicone container that combines the best of pliable silicone with the screw-top of hard plastic containers, all for one cheap price!

The new NoGoo Silicone Squeeze/Twist Top Containers can hold a good gram a half of your favorite material, waxy or dry, and securely closes with a twist. The twist action keeps it locked tight so nothing will spill, even as it gets toted around!