Ohio State Magma Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker

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Bluetooth Lava Lamp Speaker

Experience game-day play-by-play or listen to your favorite music as the team color magma wax glows and erupts! This Ohio State Magma Lamp is a spirited addition to any room, whether its the bedroom for you to study or work by, or the living room to announce the action on-screen. Colorful magma wax, coordinated with Ohio State's scarlet red color, floats and swirls around inside, and the built-in speaker can be connected either by Bluetooth, for true wireless connectivity, or by the included auxiliary cord for quick connection.

Fully assembled the lamp stands 16.5" tall and 4.25" wide and deep. Switch it on, connect your device, and enjoy high-quality sounds with a colorful lava show. Give your Ohio State fans the gift of this fun Buckeyes speaker and lava lamp combo for their homes or dorm rooms.

What's Inside

This Ohio State lava lamp holds a special wax blend designed to be more fluid than a traditional lava lamp. This Magma Lamp Speaker features vibrant red lava inside, warmed by its strong 30W lamp at the base. The scarlet red lava inside combined with the gray body surrounding it gives the true Scarlet & Gray look Ohio State fans love!

What's Outside

The base of this lava lamp is where all the fun is! On the front, underneath the Ohio State logo, is the 45mm, 3W speaker driver, which may look small but is powerful enough to fill a room with high-quality sound. The base has a toggle switch which lets you flip between lamp only, off, and lamp with speaker. There is also an auxiliary plug, and the magma lamp comes complete with an auxiliary cord, to plug in your device without connecting wirelessly. But of course, the pièce de résistance: this team pride magma lamp speaker features full Bluetooth functionality! Simply flip the power switch to the lamp + speaker mode, locate the lamp using your phone, and hit play to produce room-filling, quality sound.

Officially Licensed Collegiate Gear

Here at Waterbeds 'n' Stuff we strive to bring you the best products, and that's why 100% of our College products are officially licensed by the Collegiate Licensed Properties Association (CLPA). This product is no different. When you buy this Ohio State Magma Lamp Speaker you know you're getting the best. The Ohio State University is one of over 175 colleges to be represented by the CLPA, and we're proud to bring their products to you.