Ouija Board Small Wooden Stash Box

By: Most Amazing

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You don't need to reach out to the great beyond to learn what's inside this box! This small American-made storage box features a Ouija board printed onto its top which can be slid open and removed to reveal a spacious interior. The lid can even be used as a portable tray! Keep one in your home or office to store anything you need in a nice, decorative wooden box.

This box is made in America from 1/4" Baltic birch wood. It rests on four felt rounds to prevent it from scuffing any surface it's placed on. This small-sized box measures 4" x 3" x 1.75", but we also carry a larger 6" x 4" Ouija Board box!

Although it does not include a planchette, the top of this stash box has a Ouija board printed directly onto its surface, with floral figures as well as the sun and moon.

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