Palm Twist - Slim With Storage Tube

By: Palm Twist

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The slowest burning, smoothest pre-rolled you will ever smoke. 

Palm Twist Slim's are an all natural pre-rolled palm leaf wrap with a cooling all natural corn husk filter. The No more loose material falling out, or sticky oils touching your lips with the palm twist's corn husk filter, the all natural but sturdy filter will keep your wrap open and smoke flowing smoothly through it even with the strongest of lip or finger grips. Palm Twist's pre-rolled wraps are completely free of all addictive additives and chemicals  and are 100% tobacco free.  Every Palm twist is hand picked and cleaned with purified  before being hand rolled to ensure the highest of quality. Finally a truly all natural pre-rolled that smokes like a blunt, not papers. Available in a 50 count dispenser display. 


This Item includes:

- One Slim Pre rolled wrap 

- Corn Husk Filter  

- One Packing Stick

- Storage Tube 



Brush with water for extra hydration (if desired) 

Move the inserted paper tube, grind your leaf to desired consistency, use custom wooden packing tool to load. Use tight force when packing, but without extreme force, do not leave air pockets. This will give your palm twist a slower burn. Do not remove or smoke the paper band. Do not smoke the corn husk filter.

Natural for this product means these leaves were not grown with toxic fertilizers, and were not treated with pesticides, preservatives, or and artificial chemicals. No harm to the environment is done, once leaves are plucked, new leaves appear after a short period of time, allowing to be very sustainable in production practices.

Order 50 for a display box.