Pax Plus Onyx


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  • The ultimate dual-use, portable vaporizer. 
  • For flower and concentrates. 
  • All heat, never burn your cannabis. 

Onyx. A timeless color that suits any outfit. Get this best-selling color in Pax's new flagship vaporizer, the Pax Plus Onyx.

The next evolution of the PAX is here, and it's better than ever. The brand new PAX Plus is so easy to use and is ready for both flowers and concentrates.

PAX Plus is a redesigned and upgraded PAX 3 with improvements such as an easier to clean oven, larger LEDs, and color-matching mouthpieces.

Best of all, the PAX Plus boasts 4 unique modes to help you get the most out of your material:

  • Stealth Mode: Minimizes vapor and dims LEDs for ultimate discretion.
  • Efficiency Mode: Optimizes vapor production and conserves material.
  • Flavor Mode: Highlights flavor subtleties with on-demand vapor. 
  • Boost Mode: Ideal for concentrates and delivers maximum vapor. 

With 2+ hours of battery life and a super-fast 22 second heat up time, the PAX Plus will become your new favorite way to vape. It's ultra discreet too: the PAX Plus produces no smoke and far less odor than combustion vapes so you can take a hit when and where you want.

Included Accessories

  • Flat & Raised mouthpieces, matching the PAX Plus color. 
  • Oven Lid. 
  • Half-Pack Oven Lid. 
  • Concentrate Insert. 
  • 3D Oven Screens. 
  • NEW Multi-Tool. 
  • Wire Brush. 
  • Charge Cable. 
Capacity (grams):
.5 g
Use With:
Use With:
Heat Time:
22 seconds
Run Time:
Up to 2.5 hours