6" Metallic Bubble Banger Hanger Bong

By: Pipe Galaxy

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  • 6" tall glass banger hanger bong. 
  • Straight bong with bubble body. 
  • 14mm upright connection joint with base-connected showerhead perc. 
  • Dark glass with iridescent metallic sheen. 

Whether you like collecting Mini Rigs or just want a smaller and more portable piece, we can all agree the 6" Metallic Bubble Banger Hanger Bong is a great piece for you.

This water pipe has a compact shape made to be traveled with. Its thick base and proportional body keep it safe whether it's upright or on its side. The round bubble body can hold an extra amount of water for a mini rig, and the splash guard ensures you only get out what you put in.

Being a banger hanger, this bong features an upright 14mm connection joint ready for your favorite accessories or to use the included 14mm dry herb bowl. It also features the banger hanger trait of being stemless, feeding smoke directly into a base-attached showerhead perc.

Finally, the popular iridescent metallic finish coats the dark glass for a beautiful rainbow look that will stand apart from the other pieces in your collection.

This is a unique mini bong perfect for collectors of short water pipes. Grab one today to experience all the power of a larger bong in one compact package, and with that compact package comes more terpenes! So what's not to like?